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Adding A Camera Strap

This post shows a quick and easy way to add the option of having a camera strap

Most cinematic cameras are not designed for run and gun-style applications, yet documentaries often require cinematographers to think quick and act fast.  That means rapidly changing positions/camera locations.  For those using professional cinematography gear, that can be a struggle if the camera package is heavy because unlike ENG-style cameras, cinema cameras are for the most part, not designed with ergonomics and portability at their forefront.  Breaking a cinema camera down and setting it up adds more time to the process and carrying it for a distance can result in unnecessary fatigue.  The solution?  Mount a shoulder strap.  Here’s how to do that if your camera doesn’t have the proper mounts for one.


  1. Cinema Camera with Cheese Plate(s) 
  2. ENG Camera Shoulder Strap
  3. (2) Screws with 5.95mm threading and a large flat head (these get threaded into the cheese plate(s) so you can secure the strap)


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