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DIY Camera Mounted Mic Holder

DIY Camera Mounted Mic HolderLearn how it’s possible to clip a handheld interview-style microphone onto your ENG camera’s body.

1) Look to see if your camera body supports the mounting of accessory hardware in the form of two 3.9mm screws spaced just under 30mm apart.  If it does, you’re in luck.  In the past Sony, Panasonic, Ikegami, and JVC have included this option alongside the top handle just off to the right.DIY Camera Mounted Mic Holder

2) Locate an old wireless mounting plate or similar cheese plate (it doesn’t need to have much thickness; a thin piece of hard metal works just fine).

3) Drill or align (2) 3.97mm (5/32) holes spaced 29mm apart (be sure to place the holes close enough to the plate’s edge so that they align with the desired position on the camera’s body.

4) Position where you want your mic placed in relation to other accessories/the camera’s top handle and drill a 6.35mm (1/4″) hole. DIY Camera Mounted Mic Holder

5) Attach a rod/stud with the standard 5/8”-27 male adapter for a mic clip to screw on top of it to the plate.

**Pro Tip: don’t have one; consider the CAMVATE 15mm Rod with 1/4″-20 female to 5/8”-27 male adapter**

6) Secure it to the plate by inserting a 1/4″-20 D-Ring screw from underneath.

7) Attach the assembly to the camera body by removing the 3.9mm place holder screws from the camera and inserting them through the now assembled plate from above, securing it to the camera. DIY Camera Mounted Mic Holder

8) Screw on your desired microphone clip and you now have an easy way to transport your handheld mic as part of your camera package.