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DIY Repairs: Sennheiser Evolution Wireless Plug-on Transmitter

If you use Sennheiser’s popular Evolution series wireless microphones, you probably have a plug-on transmitter as a part of your sound package (the SKP100).  Below are some easy repairs you can make to avoid unnecessary factory service resulting in down time/lost revenue.




If you or a member of your crew has ever dropped the SKP100 the first piece to probably break rendering the unit inoperable is a small electrical component on the circuit board that the LCD is attached to.


The Quick Fix:

Re-attach it so that the metal connections line up, test the unit, and if it works, add a drop of glue and glue it back in place on the circuit board (testing once more to ensure proper connectivity is established prior to the glue completely drying)


IMG_5604 copy





Over time it’s possible that components may loosen.  Eventually, the ring that secures the unit to the handheld microphone may start to fail.  This will cause the unit to wobble or drop off altogether.  One technical indication is if the sound quality is inconsistent (working one minute and crackling/popping the next).  Aside from common wireless signal-related causes, it could be from a poor connection inside the XLR jack on the transmitter.


The Quick Fix:

Tighten the screw that holds the XLR shaft in place


IMG_5606  IMG_5608 copy


All of the solutions above require taking apart the unit and performing a visual inspection.

To do that you’ll need the following tools:

  • T-9 Driver
  • T-10 Driver
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Miniature Flathead Screwdriver (jeweler’s kit)







Do you or someone you know have any further tips on easy DIY repairs for the SKP100?

If so, share below!