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Easy PowerTap Fix for Broadcast ENG Crews

If you’re a broadcast television cameraman, chances are you’re very familiar with Anton Bauer products.  Since their product line is a standard in the television industry many third parties have begun supporting their Gold Mount battery plate’s auxiliary PowerTap connection when manufacturing products that require power.  This is a smart move since it means greater compatibility and ease of use for the end user thus influencing purchasing decisions.


In television, it is often customary for crews to use wireless microphones.  Those units (if not slot-in) are usually mounted on the rear of the camera.  Anton Bauer makes a great add-on for this purpose (the ABWMK-KIT).  It is a universal holder/mounting plate.  The bracket mounts between the Gold Mount battery plate (QR-GOLD) and the camera body itself.  This setup works well if you exclusively use Anton Bauer products for things like lights.  But if you have third-party accessories that utilize the PowerTap connection, you might run into some problems depending upon who manufactured the camera you’re using.


Some manufacturers have modified the location of the PowerTap connection on the Gold Mount plate.  If it is not on the top of the plate (perhaps for fear of water shorting it out in inclement weather—a directive to Anton Bauer on behalf of the partnering camera manufacturer) it is probably on the side…the same side where the microphone plate may be situated.  Ordinarily this may not be much of an issue, but for some it is.  The edge of the PowerTap needs to be flat on one of the 4 sides for it to properly fit and make contact in this particular configuration (see included photo).


But if it does not, Anton Bauer makes a great little extension that you can purchase to easily alleviate this issue (the PowerTap Multi).

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