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How to Embed a Video Hosted on Google Drive

How to Embed a Video Hosted on Google DriveHow to Embed from Google Drive

  1. Upload the video to Google Drive
  2. Set its privacy so it is visible to anyone with the link
  3. Double click it open
  4. Go to the menu and select open in new window
  5. Go to the menu in the new window/tab that opened and select embed item
  6. Copy the code
  7. Paste it on your webpage


Advanced Code: How to Disable the Pop Out Window Button

  1. Paste this code in front of the iframe tag (adjust the dimensions to match the aspect/size of your video embed):
    <div  style="width: 640px; height: 480px; position: relative;">
  2. Paste this bit of code after the close of the iframe:
    <div style="width: 80px; height: 80px; position: absolute; opacity: 0; right: 0px; top: 0px;">&nbsp;</div> </div>