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Free Apps That Help With Post Work

If you ever wished you knew more about the kinds of free tools professionals turn to when they want to save time, this post is for you…



Free Apps That Help With Post Work1) Metadigger

This free app is a great tool to help you manage audio asset media.  Many use it to manage their music/sound effects libraries where there could easily be tens of thousands of files to audition.  Metadigger lets you quickly catalog all of those files so you can easily search and preview each to find just the right file your project requires.  By looking at the file’s metadata you can figure out where it specifically is and then import that into your media project for further editing.





Free Apps That Help With Post Work2) Post Haste

Post Haste is a media management tool that is helpful for anyone working in apps such as Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite of products.  Use the ready-made templates or create your own so that with the click of a button, folders and project files are generated with unique names/IDs, helping to keep your work organized right from the start.










Know of some other cool free apps?  Share in the comments below.  

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