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How To Disable Slot-In Remote On

This post is for anyone wishing to learn of one possible way to resolve their slot-in wireless receiver automatically turning on during initial power up with the host device.

Note: The content below is specific to a Lectrosonics Slot-In Receiver featuring the SRSuper Unislot Adapter

The firmware installed in most receiver units remembers the power state, so if the unit is powered down when the power source is disconnected it will remain powered down when a power source is introduced.  When the unit is powered via the camera’s power source that connectivity supersedes the memorized setting known by the firmware.

Some cameras have the ability to remotely power the receiver on and off.  This is helpful for times when the receiver audio is internally routed to one of the audio channels for recording because it means the device will auto power on and when changed to another audio source, automatically power off.  It isn’t always ideal to have the receiver turn on at startup (depending on your shooting needs) so if your camcorder features no option to control the initial remote power on setting for the receiver there is still a way to achieve disabling that, saving you some time from having to manually turn it off in such circumstances.

Important: The steps below will affect all remote power control functionality, requiring you to manually turn the receiver on/off using its power button on top

Refer to the owner’s manual to verify that there is a jumper linked to the remote Rx power on port.  For the SR series it’s on pin 6.

This is the jumper (below):

Cut one side of the jumper (or better yet, heat up the solder and remove it in case you ever want to install it in the future).  If you cut the jumper but leave one end connected be sure it won’t make contact with anything metal.

That’s it; your camera will no longer remotely power the receiver and its power status will be back to the memorized state established via the firmware.  This means you’ll have to manually turn it on and off via its power button on top while the camera is powered on each time you wish to use it.

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