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How To Look Great On TV

How To Look Great On TV

So you’ve been asked to appear in a video/television program! Fantastic! But crap! Now you’re pondering the question, “What tips should I know before meeting the crew and appearing on camera?” Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!  It’s important to both you and the crew, that you look your very best when appearing on camera!


Pastels are the best colors to wear. Other good clothing colors include beige, gray, green, brown, and blue.  Avoid white, red, and orange clothing. Combinations of contrasting light and dark colors such as black and white, dark brown and white, or dark blue and white should also not be worn. Black, or dark browns and blues are fine alone or combined with pastel colors.  Solid colors are best. Avoid fine checks, stripes, herringbone, and similar patterns.  Avoid very glossy, sequined, or metallic clothing. Also avoid clinging attire, or low-cut neck-lines.  Consider your hair color when choosing your outfit; if your hair is light (blond or all gray) then lighter colors are okay. Beige, light gray, pink, light blue, and most pastels are fine. If your hair is dark, stick to the medium range to dark colors, still taking care to avoid black. (men should follow these same rules when choosing a tie, a non-shiny plain tie which complements your suit is best)  Do not wear anything loud or distracting, for instance clothes which may contain a large, copyrighted logo on the front.



Yes, both men and women need to wear make-up. So wash your face with soap and water, then apply an astringent. As a general rule, in all areas use make-up very sparingly unless directed to do otherwise. Avoid any glitter/frosted looks.



Eye liner and mascara are okay if used lightly. Eye shadow should be avoided, especially dark colors or vibrant blues.



You may wear foundation if you like, but more importantly, use powder that closely matches your skin tone. Do this especially on the nose, forehead, and bald spots.  Be extremely cautious in the use of rouge because it will stand out garishly on video if used in normal shading.  Men should try to shave as closely as possible before a shoot because the camera focuses on a man’s beard more than the human eye.



Lipstick should be of a lighter coloring. Stay away from deep reds and extremely glossy types.



Do not get a haircut within a week of appearing on camera.  Style your hair to keep it away from your face and out of your eyes.  Some hairpieces may appear to be a different color on camera. If you intend to wear one, you may wish to consult with someone.



Do not wear shiny jewelry that may catch and reflect light.