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How to Loop Any Animation

Here’s a quick and easy way to make any kind of content loop seamlessly.  Of course it should go without saying that some content, such as animations, will generally look better when looping than others (captured video).


Why might you want to know how to do this?


Because what if one day you need a loop but the loop you have either found or created is too large for the system to load you’ll know how to make it work so there is no jump cut


Here are the Steps:



1) Open up any NLE or design program like Adobe After Effects.


2) Create your content to fit the desired time/number of frames (don’t worry about it not being loopable yet)


3) Splice the content in half


4) Move the last part (on the right) to a new layer if it isn’t already there


5) Slide that last part from the right so that the cut point you spliced is now the starting frame on the left


6) Slide the content that originally was the first section on the left so that the cut point is now the last visible frame on the right


7) Extend the video/animation on the two layers in the middle so that you can apply a long cross dissolve to smooth out the transition point


8) Your file will now seamlessly loop; go ahead and export it