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Inexpensive Movi Storage

Looking for an inexpensive way to store your Mōvi gimbal system?  If you don’t need a hard case option and are just doing light transport, keep reading below…


The Mōvi is the world’s most advanced cinematic gimbal system from Freefly Systems.  The rig is very lightweight (with the heaviest version weighing in at 5.4lbs).  One way you can be sure to save some money is by making your own case.  Perhaps you have an extra hard case and some foam for its interior laying around…if so, great!  If not, that’s okay, too.  You can use an empty suitcase and the box that the unit was delivered in.


Here’s how (click on each photo to see more detail)…




Step 1) Remove the packaging from the box the Mōvi arrived in




Step 2) Locate/purchase a suitcase




Step 3) Check to make sure everything will fit inside and examine where padding is needed for extra protection




Step 4) Take the large flat piece of foam that was on the top of the Mōvi box and cut it to size so that it can be stuffed into the pocket on the lid of the suitcase




Step 5) Take the spare portions of what was cut off in step 4 and use it to evenly line the two sides; use a hot glue gun to adhere it to the suitcase




Step 6) Cut apart more sections of foam and place them inside where the Mōvi will need support; then use the hot glue gun to adhere it to the suitcase once you have confirmed their correct placement




Step 7) Place the part of the system that contains the motors inside the case and secure with the straps (if available)




Step 8) Cut the foam block designed to hold the bar with the handgrips so that it will fit inside; this piece lays on top of the system previously secured in step 7





Step 9) Place the center piece of foam in the middle, just like it was in the original packaging





Step 10) Insert the system’s top handle in the slot provided by the foam cut out




Step 11) Build more foam up in the corner closest to where the top handle was inserted; use the hot glue gun to adhere it to the suitcase




Step 12) Add to the block you glued into place in step 10; be sure to consider protection for any hardware (bolts/screws/mounts) that may be sticking out




Step 13) Protect the carbon fiber rods by utilizing the same protective foam that came with the dock and insert it into the space you just created in step 12



That’s it!  Zip up your case and you are ready to take your Mōvi with you.

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