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Mac OSX Preset to Copy Terra/Mavo Footage from SSD

Kinefinity’s cameras capture amazing imagery but sometimes you may not need all of the wonderful organization that houses each media clip.  Perhaps having all of those folders/bins is just too cumbersome to sort through within your NLE.  Well, for those moments where you wish you could just batch import the ProRes media files only, here’s a utility that can make that task possible.


Mac OSX Preset to Copy Terra/Mavo Footage from SSDDownload and use this basic Automator preset – Click Here – for those instances where you don’t need the extra metadata/slate info, lut, .bmp, and .wav files.


Here’s how it works:



  1. Open & launch the Custom Automator Preset
  2. Click “Add” inside the “Get Specified Movies” section
  3. Drag the folder called “master” from your SSD into the top half of the popup window
  4. Use CMD + A to select all of the video thumbnails that get generated by the folders
  5. Click “Add”
  6. Select the Destination Folder (probably on your NAS/SAN/Media Drive) inside the Copy Finder Items section
  7. Press the “Run” button at the top right and all of the media will be copied to the single folder you designated by setting up that specified path
  8. Save changes to the preset once finished to make your next batch import even faster


Alternate Version: CLICK HERE

After looking at my workflow above, Raafi Rivero created a workflow that allows you to copy your card contents as you normally would, preserving all of their initial hierarchy and internal data (ideal) but then instead of moving any of the media or duplicating it, this version creates aliases of just the ProRes files to a directory of your choosing.  

From there you can import those aliases directly into your NLE of choice.

  • FCPx and Resolve both support importing media file aliases.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro does not