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My DVD Does Not Play Correctly; What Can I Do?

If you insert your disc into the DVD player and find that the program pauses/jumps, the first thing to do would be to clean the disc. Eject it from the player and check to make sure that there is no dust or dirt on the surface of the disc. Remember that if you notice finger prints, smudge marks, or dust/dirt, that the proper way to clean the surface is to use the appropriate wipe, wiping in a straight pattern from the inner most point to the outer most point in little sections. Rotate the disc after cleaning each section until you have made it all the way around the disc. This prevents harmful scratches from occurring, which might otherwise ruin the data/content contained on your DVD.

*Note: this same cleaning process can be applied to your compact discs, should they skip once playback begins in a CD player.

If this does not fix the problem, or you notice no dirt/dust, assuming the laser head is clean, it could be an issue of compatibility (especially if the disc has not been authored by a major duplication facility)My DVD Does Not Play Correctly; What Can I Do?. DVD media is not 100 percent compatible to the DVD players currently on the market. While most users will not find any issue with their disc, some may find some trouble where they cannot get beyond playback of a certain chapter/segment on their DVD. If this happens time and time again, another DVD format may help solve your issue. By default most discs are encoded and mastered using DVD-R technology, however, some players have been known to playback DVD+R technology with greater ease over the more universal and more popular DVD-R format.

What is the advantage to DVD-R?

There really is no advantage to using DVD-R over DVD+R. They are simply different formats. Theoretically, the format of the disc should only matter during the initial burn, but some viewers have found success stem from switching formats after two different DVDs of the same format failed on their consumer DVD players. Does this problem occur frequently? No, and here is why. The DVD media most professionals like myself use contain the lowest jitter and deviation levels in the industry. They have a 100 year durability, data integrity guarantee, and a failure rate of less than 0.006 percent during the mastering process. They are, simply put, the best media on the market at this current time.