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Stop Your Extended Broadcast ENG Light From Swinging

If you have ever used an articulating arm to get a light fixture out and away from a Rycote Softie or other mic windscreen, you’ve probably encountered one problem: they can easily loosen up and swing at the base where the ¼”-20 stud connects to the camera’s top handle. This can cause them to swing into your hand, your EVF (if tilted up), or even a person standing next to you as you transport the camera via shoulder strap.

 (see the video below for an example of this)

The fix: Zacuto’s Zamerican Z-Rail Arm

It attaches to the hot shoe-style mountand features an interchangeable Mini Z-Rail (with an anti-twist ledge) for devices and accessories with a 1/4″-20 threaded hole. 


Additional Mini Z-Rails can be purchased to enable fast swapping or to further prevent an accessory from twisting. 


The unit is very rugged and supports 10lbs.  It’s not exactly cheap but it’s well worth the investment for a critical tool that functions as expected.  They’ve engineered the perfect solution to resolve an issue that probably frustrates many photojournalists in the news business. 



And if you’re looking for a way to safely transport your camera, check out these links:  



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