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Video Distribution Post DVD/BD

Optical media is being killed off due to less demand from consumers as tech companies increase their use of cloud-based services, software subscriptions, and further advances. If you’re a content producer trying to distribute video media the good news is that as a result, today you have a multitude of choices to select from; the bad news is that there is no longer a single medium that’s a sure bet when it comes to reaching consumers. So many professionals are probably left wondering what to do and if a platform exists that meets all of the industry’s distribution needs.


If you offer videos for sale you are probably specifically interested in knowing what distribution platform exists that:

1) Enables a consumer to purchase a video file/stream that plays on a flat panel television

2) Limits the consumer’s ability to freely distribute such purchased media

3) Ensures that the consumer will forever have access to the media they have paid for in perpetuity


A list of resources that will hopefully help answer these growing questions has been compiled here (but caution, this subject may also raise more questions than answers). Be sure to share your insights in the comments area below.


Get Caught Up:



Options for 21st Century Distribution of Video Media:


Popular Independent Short Film/Documentary/Marketing:

  • Vimeo – Use Vimeo if the content is to be PPV/On-Demand
  • YouTube – Use YouTube if you want to reach a wider audience with free content
  • USB Stick – great for introductory mailings (short H.264 MP4 files can play in most smart TVs provided the USB is formatted for FAT32)


Live Streaming:

  • YouTube – Free
  • LiveStream – Paid Platforms provide various levels of advanced features
  • Vimeo – Live Streaming capabilities for professional level paid plans
  • UStream – Paid Platforms provide various levels of advanced features
  • PrestoSports – StretchLive offers PPV/On-Demand hosting catered to athletics


Event Video:

  • Cleeng – Offering complete customized end-to-end services for selling videos live and on-demand
  • Wed Flow – Online limited-time streaming content and apps targeting wedding deliverables
  • Mediazilla – Offering a complete online solution for client downloads, social media sharing, streaming app distribution targeting event video professionals