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What Every Editing Desk Needs

What Every Editing Desk NeedsThere are certain familiarities editors are greeted with whenever they walk into a post production suite.  Usually those familiar objects present themselves in the form of the keyboard, scopes, speakers/audio mixer, grading/editing  surface, and the monitor layout.  But one thing every editor needs to either bring with them or have on-hand by their desk is something to fiddle with that can act as a stress reliever. 


We all know that cutting for deadline can sometimes present lots of pressure (especially if you’re working with a client who happens to have a very particular sense of taste/personality).  Introducing a stress reliever can help occupy the mind during renders or while while producers ponder ideas/changes.  Squeezing something such as a stress reliever ball promotes circulation (helpful during those long sessions).  Proper circulation can help reduce arthritic pain and prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  So the next time you find yourself stuck in front of your computer, bored, and waiting for something, break out a stress ball and give it a few squeezes, you’ll be doing your body a favor!